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Monday, Tuesday, …


We _________  chemistry class in the laboratory today.


There is a table _________ the living room.


My cousins never stop talking. They are __________ talking.


Linda __________ at a quarter after five.


We play soccer _________.


This is __________ expensive scarf.


_________ are you coming to our house for dinner?


__________ do you go to the movies?


We __________ going to bed.


The school __________ a music room.


_________ lift weights.


Do we have to ________?


A car is _________ a pen.


Please, _________ me write this letter.


I don’t think there’s _________  bread.


They _________  good students.


Next week ________ cold and rainy.


They __________ win this board game.


If I had a million dollars, I _________ a big house.


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