Classes, Payments, and Refunds | April 2020

Classes, Payments, and Refunds

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This is our last chance, stay home, stay home, stay home,” said Mexico’s Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez during a streamed news conference where they provided updated information on the pandemic’s effects in Mexico. Lopez Gatell asked the public to stay indoors for at least a month to slow the spread of the virus.


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Many of you have been in contact with me regarding payments. Some students have paid for this month in full. Other students have paid on a weekly basis. Some of my responses may have been tone deaf and given under duress. I apologize for my abruptness and inconsiderate responses especially to Jesus and Oscar. Let me explain...

...My family is in New York, the hot spot for the virus. President Trump is considering closing off the entire state to slow the spread of this highly contagious pathogen. My mother and her sister live in New York. My mother is 86 and my aunt is 94. They are both at high risk if they catch the Wuhan virus based on their age and health. If something happens, I won't be able to visit them. I'm very worried about them and this is stressing me out.

Here's what I've decided to do after giving the payment situation some serious consideration.

  • If you paid in advance and took advantage of the discount and you missed some classes, you'll receive a week's credit  at the full price.
  • If you pay by the week and missed classes you  won't pay for missed classes this month.
  • If you want a refund or another solution, please contact me and tell me what you want.

Let's talk about April 2020. Here's my proposal which is subject to change as the situation evolves.

  • To celebrate Easter, we will have Easter vacation from April 10th to April 13th and return on Tuesday, March 14th.
  • Classes in April 2020 will be in person or by video link. You choose!
  • You can pay by bank transfer or deposit: Banorte Account Number: 0868397801 JOSEPH ARNOLD EHMAN | Contact me for other payment methods.
  • If you choose not attend class in person or by video link please contact me so we can find a way to make sure you stay up to date with your English classes.

I hope this clears up the air to avoid any future misunderstandings.


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